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  • Nuno Guimaraes

    Hi I already send a support ticket but I don´t receive any answer from you, I send another one today, it already pass a week. Please I Have a M3 Photon PLus And the screen it doesnt turn on !

    What we can do ?

  • Mr. Nork


    I hope you can help me and that this ticket submission works. I have been attempting to submit a ticket for the last four weeks, but I don't think they are being received. If it succeeded, I would expect a confirmation message or something.

    I received an M5s Pro on 17 February 2024. To date, I have had exactly four (4) models print even marginally successfully on this printer, and I am on my third (3rd) bottle of resin. 

    All of my failures have the same symptoms:

    1. The print fails, leaving cured resin on the plate and the ACF film.
      NOTE: This does not happen as often on flat files like the R_E_R_F file, and is solved by manually leveling the print bed.

    This is what I have done so far: 

    1. Checked for Exposure Issues: 
      LCD Screen shows all the test patterns.
    2. Verified Resin Printing Parameters:
      This was a challenge as the R_E_R_F file kept failing or not all models were printing. With some assistance from the Discord community, I realized the printer requires an initial leveling. After learning you can't really level the M5s Pro in the traditional sense, I got the J3D Tech Build Plate Calibration models to print within 0.15mm and stopped.
      after leveling the Build Plate thin models (like the R_E_R_F, Phrozen XP Finder v2, the J3D Tech Boxes of Calibration, etc). As suggested in the Troubleshooting, increasing exposure time causes blooming on the print and a loss of detail. 
    3. The ambient Temperature in the printer is 25.7℃ without heat, when printing the temp in the printer goes up to about 30℃
    4. Leveled the Printer: I have learned how to level this printer as best I could.

    I also noticed I was getting resin detection errors; I disconnected and reconnected the sensors according to the M5s instructions, which resolved the problem.

    At this point, I have no idea what to do. I can only assume I am doing something wrong. I have a Photon Mono 4K, and it's a workhorse. Please help.

    Michael Nork


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